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My home style is pretty neutral, although I do love colors. I am all the time making changes around the house. Like most, Pinterest is my weakness. I absolutely am obsessed with all the beautiful pins I discover from Pinterest.

Currently, I have been loving the grays, aqua, white and simple, clean minimalist colors. I am just beginning a new journey for 2019 to simplify my home and purge over 26 years of unneeded stuff. The stuff that is literally shoved in my closets, my draws, and in numerous containers in a huge room upstairs. (Stacked to the ceiling top). ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The toys, the clothes, the stuff that No longer serves a purpose in our lives. Why do we allow ourselves to save such stuff? I am and have always been a very O.C.D clean freak. I love all things organized, neat and tidy. I am very obsessed with having a clean home. So due to busy life getting in the way, clutter happened to even me! An O.C.D clean Freak!

You have probably heard someone say, “their house is so clean you could eat off the floor!” I have heard my friends and family comment those same words to me. However, over the last couple of years, my home has gone downhill. Like most people, I lost interest in all the things I loved, started procrastinating, lost hope in myself, and lost my energy.

How can this happen? I have spent my entire life obsessed with health and fitness, keeping a clean organized home, while working full time and running a part-time business, going to college part-time. Kept up with cooking, being a good mom and keeping active in my kid’s school activities, etc. Read here: How Post Traumatic Stress can affect your life.

Read here: How one day I went from being a completely normal healthy active person to breaking and injuring my back, and 10 years later I continue to get worse. Or what it’s like to live every day in pain with no solution to get rid of backache. Learning to love your self again, finding happiness, mindful living, and most of all finding YOU again. Once you set peace with yourself and learn you are worth it. Although you may have had a substantial loss with life, there is still so much to live for. You can find joy in the daily things you do.

Check out this gorgeous wall sign over this bed I found over on Pinterest. One day,I stumbled across this photo inspiration, next I ended up looking at way too many wall hangings looking for the perfect one to hang over my bed. I knew I wanted something with words, a large picture or two large pictures or even maybe three smaller square wall hangings. So many possibilities.

Sometimes here in 2019, after I get a few other projects complete. I am going to attempt to D.I.Y this exact Wall Art. It is Simply Gorgeous! I will Post pictures and my finished project once I complete it. Definitely come back to check it out.

Aug 2018 This is an actual photo of my two cats Nacho and Ellie playing on my bed. This photo is our bed after we painted it white. I’m so glad we decided to paint it. It really brightened the room!

This is a before photo of our Pine Broyhill Fontana bedroom set looked like before I painted it. I did love it. We were really felt like a change. And I am a do it your self kinda person. Did I mention…you will save so much money in the long run, especially if you’re on a budget and looking for ways to save money.

I originally got my inspiration from this before and after photo below. I wanted a new white Bedroom set so badly. Currently not working due to a back injury, as well as working tightly sticking with a financial budget, We have been following Dave Ramsey’s financial plan since 2015, budgeting, saving coupons,  we started to save money and pay off extra debt immediately. Like most, we too have made by horrible financial choices, as well as constantly receiving medical bills, of course, those we don’t always have a choice. Those kinds of bills are just part of life.

This before and after photo is what we were shooting for. With a little hard work, taking it apart, sanding it, painting, priming. Then putting it all back together. We are so grateful in our accomplishments and the savings we had from making a good d.i.y project turn out to our perfection.

If you like the d.i.y projects we have completed, I will upload them.

We have painted our kitchen cabinets, our kitchen table and chairs, coffee table, and so much more.  Feel Free to follow my PINTEREST. 

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