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Core Max Ab Machine

Core Max Ab Machine


  • GET SEXY ABS IN JUST 8 MINUTES A DAY: Core Max is scientifically designed to combine 8 muscle-burning exercises in 8 minutes a day in one amazingly effective machine.
  • DUAL- ACTION RESISTANCE: Power-assisted rebound system provides resistance & support in both directions, maximizing results & minimizing strain.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKOUT: Customize your routine with 3 resistance levels. Burn calories & firm up while you’re sitting down.
  • FOLDS FOR EASY STORAGE: Core Max is designed with ease and function in mind! You can easily store Core Max in small spaces and take it out daily.

The Core Max Ab Machine also comes in a beautiful Red

You Can add a Fitness Monitor Accessory


  • COMPACT: sitting at two inches in height, this device will have minimal interference with your exercises
  • EASY TO USE: unlike other fitness monitors, this little device can be easily attached and detached with its built-in magnetic back
  • VERSITILE: tracks your workout time, repetitions and calories burned
  • BONUS: you can even use it as a pedometer

Star Uno Core Ab Machine Fitness Bands

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: these resistance bands are designed specifically to attach to your Core Max. Just clip them on and you’re ready to go
  • CHALLENGE: feel like stepping it up a notch? Pick up these resistance bands to enhance your workout
  • TONE: these resistance bands are especially great for toning your arms

Core Max offers a Yoga Mat for those who love to add complete Set of tools. See below:

This Yoga Mat

  • NON-SLIP: this yoga mat is made with durable material that will give you a non-slip surface to workout on without damaging your floor
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: made with the environment in mind and easy to clean
  • VERSATILE: use this yoga mat for yoga, Pilates, stretching and much much more

I highly recommend the core Max collection. Its on of my favorite pieces of home fitness equipment products.