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4 Ways to Declutter your Body and Mind

Stretch the body, Stretch the mind

Grab my Coffee One of my favorite ways to start my morning is to literally go straight to the kitchen and get my coffee started. Seriously, there is nothing better then your first cup of coffee. Am I right? 

Morning Coffee

Listen to favorite music on Pandora or Amazon Prime Music. First thing in the morning I religiously grab my air pods, iPhone X, and my fanny pack. Yes, I use a fanny pack. To keep all my little go to items close to my hips. Music is my mental de-stress.

A Get up and move Routine

I always throw in a load of laundry every morning, clean up any messes from the night before, after breakfast, and/or any important think on my to do list,then work a few hours on the computer or any needed task.

Take a Walk whether its on the treadmill or out side getting fresh air.

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